Dec 31st. The Railway Children. Oliver Royds an old friend is producing this show at Waterloo station, when I asked hi if he could help this was some tickets I didn't realise that we would be VIPs and I such we had our own drinks lounge and we were shown round the set after the play, it's not oftenthat a steam train comes to the middle of a theatre!!

Hear endith my 2011 photo of the Day blog, its been quite consuming, lots of fun. I have plans to do one in another 10 years.

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Dec 30th Berkeley Square. There was no nightingale but there was a great Christmas tree. Susan and I have done a house swap with Fred and Jess who are in Somerset today. We are in Fred's flat adjoining Berkeley Square and were all teed up to go to a couple of shows and enjoy the London life.
Dec 29th .A male wigeon. A Susan gave me a really good lens for my camera for Christmas and I was keen to get out today to give it a test, I managed to get up to the RSPB reserve at Graylake, near Bridgwater where I took this shot. I'm quite pleased with it and hopefully I can do a lot better, especially on my ne nature blog which I'm running next year with Fergus.
De 28th Anne, James and Lucy came down for a couple days it was great to catch up even though we have seen that the wedding a month ago. Lucy and Richard from our honeymoon in early January to India and James who is hiding from this photograph is helping us with our photos.
Dec 27th  Starlings again. This evening James, Fergus and myself went to Ham Wall to see the collection of starlings again. We forgot that it wa a Bank Holiday when we got there the crowds were really quite large. The starlings settle in the reed beds in the dusk but just before they settle they congregate into huge swarms of up to 2,000,000 birds, tonight's show was good but not spectacular
Dec 26th it's Boxing Day and the Mummers Play in the middle of North Curry. For those of you who don't know this ancient English tradition, these play are about the seasons of the year, good versus bad, in with new and out with the old, rather pagan. But St George always wins.
Dec 25th it's Christmas Day.We've got a big contingent up from Cornwall being Merlin, Rory, Dominic and Wendy, with Susan's sister Sally coming down from Gloucester. Great time had by all. Th the goose and turkey which I bought ( both which were quite small) were excellent, as was Wendy's choice wine.